Collection: Daisy by Oak Meadow

Introducing Daisy, our Spring Collection and the celebration of the season in bloom.  With spring comes the awakening of mother earth & we gather our hearts to blossom alongside her. 
Flowers awake towards the sun, and we are reborn in the soft, warm light of colour, dreams, possibility, creativity and playfulness. 
Daisy, our spring collection is made from only the softest cottons, unique hand painted prints and new shapes that are gentle and inspiring. As always, we want you to feel nurtured in every stage of your life from casual everyday dresses through to more special pieces, and as always, we design to create pieces that are in harmony with mother earth. 
Our spring collection speaks to the heart and the soul and we hope when you fall in love with a special piece from our Daisy 22 collection you feel inspired to Shine your light, follow your dreams, and pursue your passions. Daisy is a true celebration of all spring offers from our hearts to yours.
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